Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Long ago I had this vision of someone - in a few years from now, we're by a white building - maybe a church or an old farm house and there's a flowered trellis. I had on a filmy, white dress and there were flowers everywhere - in my hair and on my dress. Maybe it's a wedding or something like that. There are tons of people around us, it's sunny and warm and everyone is in a good mood. I don't see his face in my vision, but I can see his shoes. A pair of red Chuck Taylors. And the suit is pinstriped. I reach up in my vision to put my hands on his shoulders. And we walk through the trellis. I am the happiest person in the world. That pinstriped suit is the same on that's hanging in my upstairs closet.

James and I were walking tonight along the river parkway. I don't think he noticed when I grabbed onto his shoulder to see, to check. It's feels like the one that's in my vision.

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