Sunday, May 06, 2007


Last year, he moves away,
and it breaks my heart
Then there's talk of
some stupid farmhouse.

I'd ask what about us,
Can we plan a place for us,
instead he'd talk about a spare room
in that stupid farmhouse.

He had planned to come back, later that fall
but he surprised me by saying
he was taking some classes
to build that stupid farmhouse.

He told me once
when it's all built
he plans to live
in that stupid farmhouse.

There's even a woman
with the same dreams
they can share that spare room
in the stupid farmhouse.

Everyday I tell him
to go pack his bags
too bad it's not built yet
that stupid farmhouse.

I have the speech ready
to say what a waste
to give it all up
for a stupid farmhouse.

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