Saturday, May 05, 2007


There is one substance that is my downfall, something that brings me to my knees. Cheap cake with icing. Honest to god. Also pretty much any sugary baked goodies. But white cake. Ah white cake with cheap frosting. I was out looking for donuts this morning for a coworker's birthday. I stop at two small bakeries. I want the big selection, sprinkles, Long Johns, crullers, the works. I have to resort to Cub. While they do make awesome donuts, it's buying from a Con huge co. I'm filling up the box. And there is a dazzling selection - just as I hoped. Then I see a lady with a huge white frosting cake on a table. She's cutting it up and giving it away. I'm pausing while she gets some pieces out ready to give away. And there's a corner piece loaded with frosting. I can't resist. Oh god, it's good! I stuff it in my mouth while carrying a whole 'nother box of sugary kryptonite. Such sweet surrender. I gotta have a salad for dinner. Just lettuce. No dressing.

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