Friday, April 17, 2009

Thrift Store advice

Thrift Store Sign
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A dear friend of mine does costume design for movies. Often she goes to thrift stores and alters the clothes she finds. She knows which thrift stores in her town have what. She knows her shit. Sometimes people will try to be helpful and tell her she should shop at thrift stores to find clothes. Yeah, she already KNOWS. She just rolls her eyes and thanks them.

When I was job or boyfriend hunting (long long ago - thank god I have both!) I'd never talk too much about the places I had sent my resume, the dates or the interviews. It would always doom the prospects. You'd get all excited, talk about the cool people you saw, how the place looked, the location, how he'd make a great father...Then when you didn't get the job or the guy (who you swore was the one) - you'd hear it back later from your friends, "How is he, how's Mr Right, hows the new job..." And you'd mourn all over again for your last hope. For your lost hope. There's be no other, that was it, that was the perfect job, the perfect man and nothing could compare. Then there'd be a new job posting, or that guy who you never noticed. And you'd try, try so hard not to get excited to proclaim to the world that you finally found the one.

I am searching for the answers, the questions, I keep hoping I've find the right job, the right man maybe the right cure. And I don't want any help. I don't want to tell anyone until I know for sure. Until then any unwanted advice will be taken and thanked as I yell, "Thrift Store!"

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