Monday, April 06, 2009

Finding God

Many years ago I was at the library, I got the book pictured, The Life of God (as Told by Himself) It's from God's point of view of how he created the world. He starts by saying "it was foolish to create winter." I think that's what sold me. I hate winter. And insects are "the embodiments of my anxiety." He invents the rhinoceros and the palm tree on the same day and regrets the rhino's horn, "I should have removed it, but didn't." I loved the book. It answers just about every question you might have about the creation of the world. I should have remembered the author, who's name Franco Ferruci, is close to Fiorucci one of my all time favorite stores. You'd think. If you Google "Life of God" there are 309,000,000 entries. Good luck. I went back to the library. I'm searching the library's database for God, Life of God. No luck. I cannot find it. I cannot find God. For my 40th birthday, I took a road trip down Route 66. I was at the library stocking up on books to take on the trip. I thought I'd ask one of the nice reference people at the library. I apologized in advance for my stupid question, "I'm looking for a book about god, a funny first hand account. I don't remember the title or author." I could tell them about the insects and winter but all I got was glazed looks. I left my number on the slight hope someone could help me. Just before I left on my trip, I got a call - one reference guy, called another guy and they figured it out. We have a goofy feature in the St Paul paper, Sainted and Tainted. You can nominate anyone for such an award. I wrote in that the staff at the St Paul should get a Sainted award for finding the book. The reference guy called me back and said it was part of his job to find hard to find books. He answered an almost impossible question and found God for me.

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