Monday, April 13, 2009

Bitch on wheels and the rules

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Watching "The Office" last night, I totally got Jim and his frustration understanding what his new boss wanted. I have quit jobs after trying to get a straight answer out of a boss. "You know, you'll just know" one boss said when I asked about a design that he hadn't liked. I wanted clarification or parameters - not a vague answer. I had a teacher that told me to make a design, "more crunchy." Yeah, ok. She was a sub so all I had to do was wait for my real teacher to come back.

I got an email today requesting a diagram of my creative processes. It was one of those babble speak emails that made my head hurt. The diagram might look like the picture to the right. Might.

And today, I have been trying to send a package out through FedEx. It was complex. I wanted to do it right. It took four employees to get that shit gone. The first one took a bible sized book and told me to find the info I needed. Wouldn't that be HER job. I thought another office could ship it out for me. Nope. Two wasted trips. Later this afternoon, I reread the instructions and brought the package back to the same place. Again, more employees but we figured it out.

After this frustrating day I come home to find my neighbor parked in our shared driveway. Shared. Driveway. I stomped down the driveway and told him to move the vehicle. There is a set of rules the old neighbors drew up about parking in the driveway. Really.

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