Sunday, February 15, 2009


I so love Sweetarts. Love. them. Alot. I used to dig the the roll of Sweetarts as young 'un. The dry, the crunchy, the bite 'em. Love them. I'd wear out my mouth eating so many of them. I don't know what form of drug they use. But I am hooked.

Now my new love is the Sweetart minis:

I got these one Halloween along with some Sweetart Chews. And fell in love. They're barely any calories. I can have a few at a time. I was just at Target and I found a bag with the minis and the chews.I used to only find the minis. Minis and chews - that sounds stupid. They were my dinner tonight. A few chews and a few minis. Chews and minis. I sound like Zippy the Pinhead. Sugar and citric acid will do that.

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