Sunday, February 08, 2009

I Adore La Dora

Jewel box bank, La Dora, IA

James and I were making sure that everything was up to date in Kansas City. And you know, they've gone about as fur as they can go. We et some Kansas City bbq (Gates) and put some bbq (Arthur Bryant) in a cooler in the car and ate it for the next two days. Our plan was to check in the La Dora Jewel Box Bank Bistro. I took the photo shown almost a year ago and saw a sign on the door that gave out the web site. I've been checking on their progress.

Their web site said they were open so we traveled the back roads to get there. We arrived around 7 pm. All those windows glow when lit up. It was gorgeous. There was a group of people there enjoying the food and wine and it became a Robert Altman movie - with different sub plots and scripts. The owners wanted to know about our ice cream trucks, other people wanted to discuss the ghosts of Amana. We talked to the owners and asked about how they came to find then own it (a chance drive by), how they rehabbed it, the stuff they've found in the building. We kept ordering food because it was so good. Read the menu. It will make you drool.

It is totally was worth the drive. And you can stay in many nearby motels:

Sudbury Court Motel, Marengo, IA

Get some gas and go. Now!

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