Friday, January 16, 2009

Weather, man

Sonny Elliot, weatherman
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I work for my boyfriend. Selling ice cream. Mostly it works out o.k. I can take direction from him and no other coworker. And I can get free ice cream. So we're watching t.v. last night. On the bottom of the screen there's the work and school closings because it will be -20º in the morning. Not wind chill, actual temperature. So I ask him if I should watch for Big Bell Ice cream to be closed. There are only a few of us - not a whole factory. We work in big drafty warehouse along with a 3000 sq ft freezer. Yesterday, it was pretty painful. I had a two space heaters on, but they were not doing the trick. Today, James' brother (who's in the military) said it was too cold to be in the office. So James told me to take the day off. So I have to spend the day at home, in my PJs in 73º comfort. Bummer!

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