Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm mad as hell....

I have been doing a lot of cleaning in my house. Lots of trips to the garbage can, lots of bags of recycling. There’s even an old futon by the garbage can waiting to be picked up. And I’ve been thinking of getting rid of other outdated stuff. Too many times, I have been told, “It’s too far to go to your house.” Seriously. My parents tell me it’s too far to come to Minnesota from Chicago. On my car’s trip odometer, the distance to Chicago then back to Minnesota seems to be the same. Weird? I’ll admit, it’s too COLD. Right now. But spring and summer are gorgeous here. I have other friends that have told me that or implied the same thing. It’s too hard or too far to come to my house. Yet, I’m supposed to be willing to meet them where they want. Is there a version of “He's Just Not That Into You” but for your friends? Maybe I have a huge set of friends that just aren’t into me.

Long ago, a friend called on a hideously cold day, she was stranded on the highway out in bumblefuck with a broken car. I have a long goofy tiger coat that I wear when it’s really cold. I got out of the car and she started laughing because of the coat all the matching tiger shit I was wearing with it. Yeah, a big fashion “don’t” but it cheered her up. Then she started crying with frustration and then amazement that I was willing to drive far out to the ‘burbs on such a crappy day to come pick her up. I told her, it wasn’t that far. An old friend called me the other day – she was willing to drive from Wisconsin to have coffee with me. I would’ve driven to River Falls, WI because it just doesn’t seem that far.

When I start up on this rant, my boyfriend just gives me that look. Maybe my OCD meds have become less effective or am I less tolerant of putting up with crappy friends. Or should I just have Facebook friends and send them the flowers or snowballs, dumb jokes or whatever. No actual email or communication, not an actual note that says “Hi – or I’m thinking of you” Just more garbage to delete.

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