Sunday, December 28, 2008

Piggly Wiggly, Chipley, FL

Piggly Wiggly, Chipley, FL
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On cold yucky days, my mom would make spare ribs. So in my mind, a cold yucky day (usually a Sunday) where you feel all tired and blobby IS a spare rib day. A grey day, where you have tons of forgotten homework, like some stupid paper or a diorama that's due the next day. Or a test you've been putting off studying for. And then there's spare ribs for dinner. Only a few of my friends understand what a spare rib day is. There really is no cure for a spare rib day. Except waking up the next day.

Because of the above, I don't usually like spare ribs (because they are only served on yucky days - duh!). Unless the Big Daddy makes them.

And I feel all porky for eating alot of Big Daddy BBQ this weekend - to stave off a spare rib day. Damn it!

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