Friday, December 05, 2008

Our Lady of Lost and Found

body charms_ graft & dart
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I've been feeling down, let down, sad - disappointed. All sorts of down. I have this book "Our Lady of Lost and Found" a book about the Virgin Mary coming for a visit. The book is by my bed. I was thinking of Tom Hanks in the movie, "Big" making a wish to be big to Zoltar. You can't really ask for guidance from a fortune telling game machine. I grab the book by my bed and I say out loud - "Ok Mary, give me something here." and I flip open the book. It's the part about milagros - Mary is unpinning milagros from a dress. All these different metal items for health, or money or any sort of prayer. It struck a chord. Maybe I need to find milagros for the prayers I need answered. The one pictured here is kinda cool. Milagros.

Sorry Zoltar.

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