Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Perfect man qualifications

Here's my perfect man:

Funny and smart - if you're not that - stop reading now.

I am the top of your list. If I have a really important event and I ask you to accompany me, the answer is not "Uh, I'll see, I'll ask if I can go. Uh, other stuff is more important than you." The only answer is, "Yes, I will be there, you can count on me. You do so much for me - it's the least I can do." With no fucking hesitation. Especially if I have given time and energy to you and your causes.

A gorgeous, muscular, healthy fit body.

That you'd fight to be with me. You'd be mad enough to kill someone if they fucked with me. Or with our relationship.

You'd be amazingly attracted to me. Forever.

You'd be mature enough to have a job you liked, your own house and a car. And money in the bank. And know how to keep and maintain all of them.

You'd have healthy relationships with your friends, family and your self. And yearly check ups at the doctor and dentist without my nagging.

A fucking set of balls. And the ability to use them.

You'd be able to communicate well. With everyone.

The ability to take time off and have fun.

An upbeat attitude.

Patient, kind, sweet.

If you can fill ALL of these qualifications - I'm yours. Not just one or two. Fuck that. I'm tired of second best. Or last on the list.

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RicDroves said...

É difícil achar alguém da família Drower.
Meu nome é Ricardo Drower, moro em Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil.
Achei você uma gata.