Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sick people and chicken

Do you remember this commercial from long ago?

I'm not sure why my Jewish mom never made me chicken soup when I was sick. I did eat chicken soup once at my elementary school got the hives and puked it up. Nice.
At least we had an actual nurse's office. And I got out of class. We got toast and honey. And root beer barrel candies for our sore throats.

In the town I grew up in we had Walker's Pancake House. I only recently found out it was a chain. We had KFC and IHOP. We grew up just moments away from the Pancake House and when mom didn't want to cook. This is where we went. The exterior hasn't ever changed which makes me so happy.

Pancake House, Wilmette, IL

When my mom showed her work at art fairs, we usually had KFC for dinner. KFC was on the way home when we took the highway. I remember the day they accidentally put in a piece of Original Recipe chicken. Never again did I want the Extra Crispy. And the coleslaw. God, I love their coleslaw My mom wonders why I became an artist myself.

I decided to move to Minneapolis to go to MCAD, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to study photography and graphic design. The first time I got really sick living in my apartment, I had this sudden urge for chicken. Sick people need chicken. Not soup, no. Blech. I was in art school. Sick people need KFC. It made me so happy. It was the best justification of being sick and being in art school.

Getting KFC when I don't feel well is kinda my trademark. I can remember feeling sick but yet my boyfriend was going to be coming over. I told him I was getting KFC for dinner (yes Original Recipe - thank you) he mentioned it to a friend and they thought I was the coolest girlfriend ever.

I do feel like chicken tonight. Cough cough.

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