Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dessert Travel

Amy and Todd at DQ, Lake Nebagamon, WI, 1994

When friend Amy would tell you about a trip you could be drooling by the end of it. From boredom, no from hunger. She was a voracious eater of sweets. When she'd drive to her parent's home in Nicollet, MN - she'd pass a million Dairy Queens. And she stopped at ALL of them. I remember when I made the trip with her and realized that they were maybe a half hour apart and I was aghast. She seriously would keep stopping to get frozen cokes or shakes or whatever. She was lucky that she had a high metabolism. She was mildly narcoleptic and she thought the sugar would keep her awake. The picture above is her and Todd Rogers taken by me in Lake Nebagamon, WI.

In the Twin Cities, she claimed a Porky's (see last post) milk shake could cure any ills. I've dragged many a friend to Porky's to test the "cure anything" claim. A friend with chest pains (who had been recently released from the ER) was taken there for the cure. His recent visit to his cardiologist revealed he's doing the best he's ever been.

Amy was married at the Little Log House Pioneer Village in Hastings. Here's a little note about the place:

The Bauer’s began their journey in collecting and restoring buildings and artifacts that would have been destroyed, burned down or demolished had they not preserved them as a part of the village.

Just the other day I found out (thanks Pioneer Pamphlet) that Porky's will be moved an will be living at the Little Log House. I was so happy that it would get to run around and play in the pasture with the other old buildings.

I don't know if Amy, in the great beyond, had a hand at arranging this but it feels like she did. Plus there's plenty of Dairy Queen stores on the way if you get hungry on your travels.

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