Saturday, June 19, 2010

Teacher's Answer Key

I realized in grammar school if I needed the answer to a question, I'd go up to the teacher's desk and wait in line. If the teacher's answer key was open, I could sneak a look, go back to my desk and write in the correct answer. The questions back then were easy and there was only one answer. 2+2=4 I hated if you had to ask the teacher or have to reason it out. I just wanted the answer, no talking and a quick getaway.

Why isn't there a teacher's answer key around now? Is it that there are multiple answers? I want to know if I knew someone in a past life, if the doctor will cure me of my aches and pains, if I'll be successful. The Magic 8 ball doesn't do much good either. I want the real answer, the one true answer. I want an A. I want to know. Don't make me wait in line, don't make me talk to the teacher, just have the damn book open so I can take a look and sneak back to my desk.

Better yet, sell me the book so I can look up the answers when I can't sleep, when I'm pondering these questions. Name the price.

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