Friday, June 25, 2010


In my dreams last night, I was in NYC. I stumbled into some office and met this really fun girl. I told her about my band, we watched a few of the videos and she was so impressed, she added a link to Scary Numan on her company's cool web site. Later in the dream, I'm at a new job, here in MN. I walk out into the messy hallway to find the bathroom. There's an open door in the hallway that leads to an apartment that's decorated really fun. The girl waves me in. She shows off her Kobe Bryant/Gary Coleman special edition Mac. (What?) She's doodling around and shows me the company she works for and I see the Scary Numan link on her company web page. I realize it's the fun girl from NYC. I found her again! She introduces me to her friends, some of whom I met in NYC and I'm so excited. She lives here. She lives in the hallway of my boring job where it takes weeks to get paid because it's a Canadian company. I found her again, I found my old new fun friend. I woke up happy because I had found a kindred spirit but who is she? There's no hallway to another apartment at my job. I know, we dream in metaphors. I'm happy I have a new friend, but I'm sad because I don't know who or where she is.

In my dreams the next night, I find the fun girl again and she's talking about friends I have, both here and gone. I woke up missing the fun girl and some of my long gone friends.

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