Saturday, July 25, 2009


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More favorite things.

Maybe they changed the Kinko's logo because the "O" looked like a toilet seat.

I wish I had a cool indie copy shop that could match Kinko's prices, the credit card reader and being open 24/7. Ah well. Besides, it brings back the days of type class and endless copying, pasting stating and waxing with Carrie.

I just recently used the online print deal thing on Kinkos. That shit is pretty cool. I uploaded a PDF then drove over and picked up 30 folded, collated newsletters. I usually would print out junk on my inkjet and then copy it. This time, the photos weren't just grey boxes. Rock and roll! I do always sing this old sick song when I go there.

Maybe they'll change the song to FedEx the kid loving clown. Probably not.

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