Saturday, July 18, 2009

Few of my favorite things

Izzy's Ice Cream
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When I get sick, I get mean. I feel yucky and I want you to feel just as yucky as me. There, the truth. But if I can stay positive, maybe I won't be such a crab.

Last weekend, a few of my Hour Dollars friends asked if I wanted to go to Izzy's Ice Cream in St Paul. I was preparing to order just one scoop. That lil tiny scoop is the Izzy. It would be a big and little scoop. I had my flavors narrowed down. Vicki told me you can get 5 little Izzy scoops in a cup - a Dizzy Izzy. Oh lord. I had the Salted Caramel, the Hot (something) Sugar, the Pirate, Mexican Hot Chocolate and Midnight Snack. I wish they listed all the flavors and descriptions on their web page. Either way. I had 5 tiny flavors of ice cream. Heaven!

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