Saturday, May 02, 2009


Prescriptions - White
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I've been thinking of substitutes this week. The word, the idea. Shown are not my actual prescriptions (I'm on nine at the moment) they are a substitute for my health.

Is it the word "substitute" (the kiss of death in school) or the idea that you're substituting one thing for another. A lesser quality trade.

Ever see some great item on a restaurant menu and maybe it has one ingredient you can't have but the chef refuses to change it. I hate that stupid disclaimer "no substitutes." My mom and boyfriend have some pretty severe allergies - I think a restaurant has more class if they're willing to take out an offending ingredient. Who knows.

I've been having fun learning how to BBQ. The real slow cooked, smoky BBQ. My first attempt was pretty good. To research more, I got a ton of books from the library. I found this one: Cheater BBQ. I had all the pieces to make one of the recipes from that book. It was cold and raining and I wanted dinner in less than 2 hours. I had a bottle of liquid smoke but the last time I used it - the results really sucked. So I followed the instructions, mixed the spices and the liquid smoke and broiled the chicken in my oven. Faux Q. (Say it, ha ha ha) It wasn't a five hour smoked piece of meat - but it was pretty good. James and I shared a bottle of wine with the faux q, my last drink for at least two weeks while I go on some pretty hardcore antibiotics. I love having a bit of scotch or rum at night before I go to bed. But I cannot have any alcohol. So I'll need a substitute for that. (Substitute my coke for gin) I actually have put a few drops of rum flavoring in my pop. I'd rather not get hung over by having some hideous medical reaction.

That got me singing the song, "Substitute by the Who". (Substitute my coke for gin) And I found a cover done by the Ramones that I can't embed. That's funny.

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