Monday, May 25, 2009

My Favorite Fairy Godmother is a national finalist and she needs our votes!

I went to see Terre Thomas at her store after a break up and she had great advice for me. She is a real fairy godmother, can make your wishes come true and she wears gowns to her store every day. Check out the link to her online store below. And please watch the video, register and vote. If you live in Minnesota - I'll go to the store with you. I will.

She's sending out this plea:
In April, local Minneapolis fairy godmother, Terre Thomas, and her gift shop in Calhoun Square, was chosen as one of 50 national finalists (out of almost 2000 small business entries) in the Intuit/Quickbooks Small Business contest. She won $5000 and with a 2 minute video entry of her story, she has the chance to win $10-25,000 for the First or Grand Prize.

Forty percent of her score comes from votes from the public at the Intuit/Quickbooks contest website.

Watch the video and vote* (you have to register at the site to vote; it's just four boxes)

at this link:

Please vote by May 31st!

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