Saturday, November 01, 2008

My dinner with Andre

Ok - not Andre but Klecko - but it sounds French. It was the first Saturday of the Month - I call it the bread show at the Saint Agnes bakery. Klecko decided it was French day - he had French sourdough and other french. Maybe he just called everything French. French rye bread, French kolaches. Hell, it was early. Kim Ode was there and we griped about MHS and a possible French girl joining the stable. Inside jokes. Klecko and I have a standing date at Big Daddy's BBQ on retail Saturday. I had popped in just to say hi after an early meeting and yet he was ready for BBQ. Big Daddy's is in Frogtown (French bread, Frogtown, new French chick) And to drink - "Peru" at the bakery.(Better Off Dead movie line) We joked and stuffed ourselves with BBQ. You can kiss your afternoon Au Revoir - because you always need a 3 hour nap after Big Daddy's. Or is it Klecko?

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