Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Long ago on a Good Friday, Patrick's (my ex) brother, Mark came home on leave from the air force. He really wanted some bacon. Being a good Catholic, he would've been fasting. And during Lent - you don't eat meat on Fridays. His mom, a wonderfully wild spirited Pisces thought - what the hell and got out the fry pan to cook the bacon. Also, Jesus was Jewish - he would've never had bacon - keeping Kosher (you'd think.) All things put together possibly caused a big grease fire on the stove. A modern day smiting perhaps? Or just coincidence?

I am respectful of the Catholics in my life and I don't eat meat on Fridays. But tonight, they'll all be in church. For Christmas, I received the Band aids shown above.
Is it wrong to use a bacon-like Band aid on Good Friday to cover a burn from a bacon grease fire?

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