Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Romeo and Debora

I found this funny heart tattoo sign in Austin,TX. The street was named Jessie but through the magic of the Roadway font - it's my street and my house number. And a nod to Caroline who lives in Austin.

Last year, Pat and I watched, "Apocalypto" at a dollar theater on a cold night. We were both without valentines and thought a bloody movie about hearts being ripped out would be good right before bed time. And the nightmares we both had! Oy - Mel!

Is it more fun to be bitter and to curse your mail box?

Tangent - A few years ago, I was at the big, marbled Minneapolis post office. A guy was checking his post office box. The post office is a long, cavernous building. When he found out he had not one valentine, he started yelling, "And I didn't even get one FUCKING valentine!!" It echoed all over and while my day hadn't been that bad. I smiled and appreciated his exclamation. In Minnesota, there's no honking or yelling. It was a lovely sentiment on all fronts.

Or better to have a vase of pretty pink and red flowers and the promise of a steak dinner?

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