Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jucy Lucys and Maks

Jucy Lucy
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We took Maks to Matt's bar for one these bad boys. There is a fine art to eating a Jucy Lucy (yes, it's spelled like that.) You need to wait. Patiently - that's why the basket of fries. To kill time waiting for the burger and molten cheese to cool. We kept trying to warn Maks. He took too big a first bite and the cheese oozed out - all over his pants. Then he kept taking bites around the burger - making even more of a mess. Ah well.

Then we went to (sigh of resignation) Mall of America for some mini golf. He's a competitive little thing. He'd be so gleeful if he shot better than me or James. He'd exclaim - "You lost!!!!" And I'd think, no - I won. Because he was having a good time and laughing.

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