Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Motel dreaming

Pelican Motel (Front) by jugger-naut
Pelican Motel (Front), a photo by jugger-naut on Flickr.

I was at the chiropractor this morning. He left me on the table with the TENS device going to warm up my muscles. I’m wrenched up and couldn’t read the People magazine I brought into the room.

I was in room that faces a busy street in St Paul. It was dark, and the traffic sounds were muted. It sounded like I was in an old retro motel. Like in a postcard. It would be a slightly moldy smelling motel with a dirty carpet, a TV with bad color on the screen, un ugly thin bedspread and a coffee shop nearby with an adequate but not terrible breakfast. But not too good, I just want a few bites of the pancakes, sunny side up eggs and white toast. Please let the coffee be good.

I can’t decide what kind of day I’d want it to be. Is the sun just coming up and it’s kinda misty. Or is raining or a bright blue sunny sky day?

I want good neon signs to be up the road so I can stop and photograph them. A nice diner would be grand to stop and have lunch at. Then up the road to another retro motel.

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