Thursday, April 15, 2010

Angst Station

The public phone is right outside my office. I did not know that the angst sign was installed outside my door. Every day, there's one of our workers who makes angsty calls to his girlfriend(s). Holy shit, I wanna get this kid a notebook and a coffee punch card and tell him to get thee to a coffee shop. He has volumes to write in his journal. Everyday, it's these sad, dark calls to someone who won't see him that day, won't see him enough, answer his calls or dissed him in some way shape or form. There's never any bright bits like, "Hey! I saw a robin!" Or "I'm about to eat some ice cream!" You'd think in a place that sells ice cream for the ice cream trucks, you could drum up a tiny ray of sunshine. No wonder that chica don't wanna see you, you're too dark and serious. Lighten up, hon. Oh and hang up the phone correctly so I don't hear that waaa waaa sound of the phone left off the hook. You make me and the phone cry a little every damn day.

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