Thursday, February 11, 2010

Head like a hole

I know far too many smart people. Smarter than me. They're way too knowledgeable on the bible, politics, music, you name it. I have no idea why they hang out with me. I'm mostly a sleepy paperweight. I must make them look even smarter by comparison. Or they're just coming for the BBQ.

I was thinking how I could get these friends more on my level. I thought what about the old practice of trepanning? I'm not sure if it would reduce their smartitude. It's only a guess. I don't even know what parts of their heads I'd drill. Probably just random spots. Or until they start drooling.

This morning it hit me, not the cruelty or pain of drilling holes in my friend's heads. Nope. What if I was with one of these really smart friends and we were trapped in a collapsed building. Sorry, collapsed building near the bar (I'm not going multiple days without liquor - not even a made up scenario). What if this friend could've used their super smart powers to get us free but since I've reduced them to a drooling paper weight, we'd starve or have the DT's.

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