Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Our St Paul paper asked people to write in and tell them the important lessons they learned from their dads.

He taught me about money, saving it, investing it, not flaunting it and always buying quality items. His mother said something like, we’re too poor for you to buy cheap things like that after he bought a cheap suit that would later fall apart.

I was the one who’d borrow his tools and never put them back in the right spot (he’d always catch me!) I was certain I could fix things the effortless ways he did. Later, I learned how to use a computer (and somehow taught my dad – although neither of us have any patience) I am fearless when it comes to anything computer, setting them up, web sites or learning new applications. I credit my dad for that.

My dad has always worked hard his whole life. He started work as a dock boy and gradually moved to CEO. It’s a great lesson that everyone starts at the bottom. And while he works hard, he always take time out for fun and rest – traveling, being a mad inventor or napping on the couch.

I am lucky to have the world’s greatest teacher. My dad.

I love you Dad from D.A.D

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