Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Harvest gold pants

tosia pants
Originally uploaded by KarWar.

Driving back from coffee, Patrick somehow got on a rant about Colin and the harvest gold corduroy pants. I'm trying to think how we went from ripping on a badly designed billboard to Colin but it's lost to me. Long long long ago, Colin - of the pants, who was three, was running around Patrick's family's house. The harvest gold corduroy pants were filled with the world's biggest and stinkiest dump. That's pretty much the whole story, but Patrick likes to go one that Colin is probably still wearing those (you have to always say the whole color) harvest gold corduroy pants. With the big dump. And Colin has had a hideous diaper rash for something like 30 years. I had one of those laughing fits where you cannot talk or breathe. I was punching Pat because I couldn't talk. And he kept ranting. It was funny and I guess you had to be there.

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