Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Red Tent

28 days ago I started reading the "Red Tent" for my book club. I loved the idea of a red tent – a place for women to go during their period, childbirth or illness. It was the first day of my period when I started reading the book and it’s the start of my period now as I end it. Kinda weird, kinda cool. I’ve always wanted a secret red tent kind of place to go when I’m on the rag. A cool little retreat somewhere – stocked with salty chips, Uno’s Pizza, frosting, premium ice cream, my bed, a TV, DVD player and all my favorite sappy movies.

One of my favorite stories about a period involves Patrick’s sister, Charity. She’s quite an outspoken woman – to put it mildly. It was the first day of her period and she was helping a relative move. Some neighbor starting yelling at her for some reason and she screamed back at him, “NOBODY FUCKS WITH ME ON THE FIRST DAY OF MY PERIOD!!!!” So when I’m getting growly on the first day of MY period all I have to say to those who know me is, “You know what Charity would say….” And I don’t even have to scream. Sometimes it helps. Where is that red tent?

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